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THEME: Let Food and Nutrition be The Medicine

After the successful completion of our previous onsite and virtual conferences on Nutrition & Food science, we are extending our pleasure to invite you to our upcoming webinar – 4th Edition of Nutrition & Food Science to be held on 08-09 November 2021 on the theme “Let Food and Nutrition be The Medicine”

In the times of COVID – 19, we, the management, Organizing Committee Members and staff have tried to organize the conference on – site, but with the announcement of governmental mandated closures & shutdowns, travel restrictions, social distancing and health & safety of our participants, it has made web based. It would have been irresponsible to go ahead with an international meeting in this region with high levels of spread and severity. And also with the continuous notifications from WHO stating that large gatherings will become an high risk for the spread of infections. We assure that you will enjoy and interact in the webinar virtually.

The webinar provides a unique platform to students, academics, and practitioners, from all over the globe from different parts of the world to present their profound insights on the most modern discoveries and advancements related to Food science, Nutrition and impacts of nutrition in COVID 19. The webinar focuses on the recent developments in the food industry, nutrition needed in the times of COVID 19, immunity related research and other experiments.

We have also received a good response from our previous webinar on the Nutrition & Food Science. Through the series of interactive panel discussion, keynote sessions, speaker sessions, the conference will deliberate on various issues and challenges in innovations, new technologies, applications, research in food and nutrition industries.

The webinar provides deeper understandings on various topics which include Food Chemistry, Food Safety, Food Microbiology, Food Toxicology, Food Quality, Agricultural Research, Dairy Science, Nutritional Benefits, Food Engineering, Immunity and other challenges that faced during COVID 19 times.

We look forward to seeing you virtually!!

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