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THEME: Enhancing Novel Innovations and Researches in Plant Science

After the successful completion of our previous virtual conference on Plant Science, we are extending our pleasure to invite all interested and enthusiastic participants to our upcoming webinar – 2nd Edition of Plant Science: Research and Technology to be held on 15-16 November 2021 on the theme “Enhancing novel innovations and researches in plant science”. The goal to present this virtual platform is to provide an online space for scholars and researchers from all over the world to present advances in the relevant fields and to foster a virtual environment conducive to exchanging ideas and information.  

The webinar aims together an exciting scientific programme focused on Plant Proteomics & Phenomics, Plant Pathology, Plant Genomics & Genetics, Environment and Soil Science, Plant Tissue Culture, Pest Management, Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Breeding and Development, Plant Biochemistry and Plant Physiology, Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology, Plant Microbiology, Phycology & Mycology, Plant Systems and Synthetic Biology, Agronomy and Agricultural Research, Agricultural Engineering, Plant Nutrition and Soil Sciences, Plant and Environment and all other aspect related to the topic.

The Plant Virtual 2021 focus on delivering the recent scientific developments in plant science technology, following an all-inclusive strategy that includes both long-standing study areas and cutting-edge subjects, as well as aspects of science policy and ethics, and encouraging young students and scientists to participate. We cordially welcome plant researchers from across the world to present and discuss their work and results at plant-2021, helping to make it a dynamic, successful, and health-safe event.

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